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Latest financial result

For the right appreciation of the SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH share, this page provides all documents of latest financial results.


SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH GroupUnitH1 2017H1 2016Change on prior year %Q2 2017Q2 2016Change on prior year %
Sales volumekilotons9599322,9470471-0,2
Revenuemillion EUR1.407,41.222,315,1699,8618,713,1
Adjusted EBITDAmillion EUR136,277,575,769,652,532,6
EBITDAmillion EUR134,071,587,467,749,636,5
Adjusted EBITDA margin (%)%9,76,33,49,98,51,4
EBITDA margin (%)%9,55,83,79,78,01,7
Operating profit (EBIT)million EUR70,611,1nm36,019,485,6
Earnings before taxes (EBT)million EUR41,3-11,7nm13,97,975,9
Net income (loss) (EAT)million EUR26,5-22,0nm10,02,4nm
Investmentsmillion EUR25,033,7-25,813,716,3-16,0
Free cash flowmillion EUR-24,325,6nm7,138,9-81,7
 Unit30.6.201731.12.2016Change on prior year %   
Net debt million EUR472,4420,012,5   
Shareholders' equity million EUR687,7667,53,0   
Gearing %68,762,95,8   
Total assets million EUR2.161,52.047,05,6   
Equity ratio %31,832,6-0,8   
Employees as at balance sheet date positions8.8948.8770,2   
SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH shareUnitH1 2017H1 2016Change on prior year %Q2 2017Q2 2016Change on prior year %
Earnings per share 1EUR/CHF0.03/0.03-0.02/-0.02-0.01/0.010.01/0.01-
Earnings per share from continuing operations 1EUR/CHF0.03/0.03-0.02/-0.02-0.01/0.010.01/0.01-
Shareholders' equity per share EUR/CHF0.72/0.790.72/0.78-0.72/0.790.72/0.78-
Highest/lowest share priceCHF0.96/0.660.73/0.45-0.96/0.820.73/0.63-
1 The earnings per share are based on the net income (loss) of the Group after deduction of the portions allocable to the non-controlling interests