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Our Vision


Our global team excels in technical expertise, innovativeness and exceptional service, for the benefit of our customers. We are a reliable and trusted partner worldwide. Our passionate people are key to our success. We strive for excellence – every day.

Our Mission

  • We ensure customer satisfaction by considering our customers as partners.
  • We listen to our customers, understand their needs and act flexibly to meet their expectations.
  • We are committed to achieving sustainable profitability by being efficient in everything we do.
  • We anticipate changing market needs and are adaptable and dynamic.
  • We continuously improve our production, worldwide sales network and comprehensive product portfolio.
  • We value our people. We protect them with the highest safety standards, guide them with clear objectives and support them with training and development.
  • We put emphasis on constantly reducing environmental impact.
  • We achieve our leading position by being ONE GROUP with one vision, clear targets and one set of values.  

Moving forward together

Our goal is to strengthen our market position by leveraging our internal potential. In addition to continuously improving our operating performance, we aim to fully exploit our strengths as a Group. This means consistently realizing synergies and operating as a Group, both inside and out.

One component for achieving this strategic goal in the long term is a uniform Group-wide corporate identity. We developed a new Mission Statement for our Group. Joint vision, mission and values were established, taking into account all Business Units, specialist departments and levels of hierarchy. Our strategy is firmly anchored in our vision, with our mission and values serving to point the way. The shared identity is an important step for the future and lays the foundation for a unified market presence and exploitation of potential synergies.

Our Values


We are experts in our business, we expand our skills and experience, we embrace and drive change, and we share our knowledge.


We proactively cooperate with our customers, we respond promptly and in a solution oriented manner to customer enquiries, we deal sensitively with customer issues, and we measure our customer experience.


We are performance and result oriented, we take over responsibility and lead by example, we define and commit to clear objectives, and we are dedicated to offering the best solutions on the market.


We continuously develop and improve, we drive new and promising ideas forward, we challenge ourselves, and we set the highest quality and safety standards.


We act with respect, empathy and fairness, we collaborate with our partners and colleagues, we strive for solutions together, and we care for each other.