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Latest financial result

For the right appreciation of the SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH share, this page provides all documents of latest financial results.

SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH GroupUnitH1 2018 1)H1 2017Δ in %Q2 2018 1)Q2 2017Δ in %
Sales volumekilotons1,12595917.358047023.4
Revenuemillion EUR1,737.21,407.423.4908.3699.829.8
Average sales priceEUR/t1,544.21,467.65.21,566.01,488.95.2
Adjusted EBITDAmillion EUR155.2136.214.084.969.622.0
EBITDAmillion EUR184.9134.038.081.867.720.8
Adjusted EBITDA margin%8.99.7-9.39.9-
EBITDA margin%10.69.5-9.09.7-
EBITmillion EUR131.070.685.655.536.054.2
Earnings before taxesmillion EUR11141-4514-
Group resultmillion EUR96.126.5-37.110.0-
Investmentsmillion EUR35.925.043.620.813.751.8
Free cash flowmillion EUR-170.9-24.3--68.27.1-
 Unit30.6.2018 1)31.12.2017Δ in %   
Net debtmillion EUR625.9442.041.6   
Shareholders' equitymillion EUR818.7717.514.1   
Net debt/adj. EBITDA (leverage)x2.62.029.5   
Balance sheet totalmillion EUR2,642.22,113.125.0   
Equity ratio%3134-   
Employees as at closing datePositions10,318.08,939.015.4   
Capital employedmillion EUR1,876.01,535.122.2   
 UnitH1 2018 1)H1 2017Δ in %Q2 2018 1)Q2 2017Δ in %
Earnings/share 2)EUR/CHF0.10/0.120.03/0.03-0.04/0.050.01/0.01-
Shareholders' equity/share 3)EUR/CHF0.87/1.020.76/0.89-0.87/1.020.76/0.89-
Share price high/lowCHF0.886/0.7000.960/0.660-0.830/0.7330.960/0.820-
1) Including Ascometal, fully consolidated since February 1, 2018
2) Earnings per share are based on the result of the Group after deduction of the portions attributable to non-controlling interests.
3) As at June 30, 2018 and December 31, 2017, respectively