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Latest financial result

For the right appreciation of the SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH share, this page provides all documents of latest financial results.

SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH GroupUnitQ1 2020Q1 2019Δ in %
Sales volumekilotons457551- 17.1
Revenuemillion EUR704.5884.2- 20.3
Average sales priceEUR/t1,541.61,604.7- 3.9
Adjusted EBITDAmillion EUR- 6.142.2-
EBITDAmillion EUR- 7.638.8-
Adjusted EBITDA margin%- 0.94.8-
EBITDA margin%- 1.14.4-
EBITmillion EUR- 31.713.3-
Earnings before taxesmillion EUR- 43.7-0.3-
Group resultmillion EUR- 42.30.7-
Investmentsmillion EUR14.622.5- 35.1
Free cash flowmillion EUR- 87.3-23.7-
Net debtmillion EUR608.6797.6- 23.7
Shareholders' equitymillion EUR451.9183.8-
Net debt/adj. EBITDA LTM (leverage)x209.915.6-
Balance sheet totalmillion EUR1,970.61,919.12.7
Equity ratio%22.99.6-
Employees as at closing datePositions10,236.010,318.0- 0.8
Capital employedmillion EUR1,466.61,384.16.0
 UnitQ1 2020Q1 2019Δ in %
Earnings/share 1)EUR/CHF- 0.02/- 0.020.00/0.00-
Shareholders' equity/share 2)EUR/CHF0.22/0.230.74/0.83-
Share price high/lowCHF0.340/0.1260.617/0.435-
1) Earnings per share are based on the result of the Group after deduction of the portions attributable to non-controlling interests.    
2) As at March 31, 2020 and December 31, 2019, respectively