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Latest financial result

For the right appreciation of the SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH share, this page provides all documents of latest financial results.

SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH GroupUnitQ1 2019Q1 20181)Δ in %
Sales volumekilotons5515451.1
Revenuemillion EUR884.2828.96.7
Average sales priceEUR/t1,604.71,520.95.5
Adjusted EBITDAmillion EUR42.270.3-40.0
EBITDAmillion EUR38.8103.1-62.4
Adjusted EBITDA margin%4.88.5-
EBITDA margin%4.412.4-
EBITmillion EUR13.375.5-82.4
Earnings before taxesmillion EUR-0.365.2-
Group resultmillion EUR0.759.0-98.8
Investmentsmillion EUR22.515.149.0
Free cash flowmillion EUR-23.7-102.7-76.9
Net debtmillion EUR751.9654.814.8
Shareholders' equitymillion EUR697.7707.7-1.4
Net debt/adj. EBITDA LTM (leverage)x3.62.829.0
Balance sheet totalmillion EUR2,644.82,531.84.5
Equity ratio%2628-
Employees as at closing datePositions10,460.010,486.0-0.2
Capital employedmillion EUR1,742.71,739.50.2
 UnitQ1 2019Q1 20181)Δ in %
Earnings/share 2)EUR/CHF0.00/0.000.06/0.07-
Shareholders' equity/share 3)EUR/CHF0.74/0.830.75/0.88-
Share price high/lowCHF0.617/0.4350.886/0.700-
1) Including Ascometal for two months, fully consolidated since February 1, 2018
2) Earnings per share are based on the result of the Group after deduction of the portions attributable to non-controlling interests.
3) As at March 31, 2019 and December 31, 2018, respectively