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29. April 2015

SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group: North American special steel subsidiaries come together as Finkl Steel

The North American subsidiaries of the global special steel producer SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group – Finkl & Sons, Composite Forgings and Sorel Forge – will do business under the name of Finkl Steel effective immediately. By presenting itself as a single brand, the North American steel producer strengthens its position as a leading global provider of forgings, plastic mould and tool steel as well as open-die forgings.

 “By combining three strong independent businesses into one, we will be able to use the full potential of each,” emphasizes Mark Shirley, CEO of Finkl Steel. “As Finkl Steel, we will continue to provide state-of-the-art technology and maximum output in the long term and improve competitiveness – our own and that of our customers.” Finkl Steel consolidates the technical expertise in steel production and the manufacturing capacities of Finkl & Sons, Composite Forgings and Sorel Forge in Chicago, Detroit (USA) and Quebec (CA). The result is more efficient production and faster availability of the high-quality special steel grades. Customers in the automotive and chemical industry, utilities, the foods sector, aeronautics, manufacturing and engineering as well as in medical technology profit from a broad product spectrum and in-depth and comprehensive technical consulting and services from a single source.

Picture:  Forgings, Source: Finkl Steel

About Finkl Steel
Finkl Steel is one of the world’s leading producers of forgings, plastic mould steel, tool steel for pressure die casting applications and open-die forgings. Finkl Steel belongs to the SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group and is known for bundled steel expertise: Since April 2015, the North American subsidiaries of the Group – Finkl & Sons, Composite Forging and Sorel Forge – have merged and will now operate under the brand name “Finkl Steel”. The company produces steel products at three manufacturing sites in Chicago, Detroit (USA) and Quebec (CA) and sells to North America and around the world. With more than 100 patents, the chemical analysis of the steel grades and the manufacturing technologies set standards worldwide. The best evidence of Finkl Steel’s high product quality is the ISO 9000 certification conferred on the company’s plants, making Finkl Steel one of the first companies in America to be granted the certification.

The SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group is one of the world’s leading providers of customised solutions in the specialty steel long products business. A global name in tool steel and stainless long steel, the Group is one of the two largest companies in Europe for alloy and high-alloy engineering steel. With around 10,000 employees at its own production and distribution companies in 38 countries on five continents, the company supports and supplies customers wherever they operate. In addition to the comprehensive Production and Sales & Services portfolio, customers benefit from the company’s technological expertise, consistent high quality worldwide and in-depth knowledge of local markets.

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