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29. February 2016

New special steel solutions from Ugitech for pioneering construction projects

Aesthetically pleasing designs, energy savings, cost efficiency, and durability – the demands of the construction industry on the steel available today are numerous and challenging. The innovative special steel solutions UGI® und UGRIGRIP® from steel producer Ugitech meet these requirements. The UGRIGRIP® rebar demonstrates its advantages best in structural and civil engineering projects and in building construction. Used to reinforce concrete, it can be used for lighter weight elements and structures. Thinner, more intricate aesthetically appealing concrete structures can thus be designed because the diameter of the steel bars used can be minimized due to the outstanding mechanical properties of UGRIGRIP®.
For solutions that focus more on energy savings, the special steel UGI® is used for anchoring and connecting elements, sandwich elements in facades and roofs as well as thermal connectors between balconies and floors. This steel's low thermal conductivity (15 w.m-1k-1 at 20°C) is three to four times lower than that of conventional carbon steels on the market and attests to its excellent heat insulation. With a yield point of 650-800 MPa, UGIGRIP® und UGI® are also much more resistant to tensile loads than the carbon steel or the standard steel materials 304 and 316. Thanks to their improved ductility, UGIGRIP® und UGI® also comply with class C of the EUROCODE 2 for seismic loads.

"The unique properties of UGRIGRIP® und UGI® extend the useful lifetime of building constructions by up to 50 years," explains Olivier Jourdan, Market Manager Architecture, Building and Construction at Ugitech. This reduces the maintenance effort – a significant advantage particularly for parts of a structure with difficult access points. The construction industry thus profits from lower project and lifecycle costs.

Among the newest steel grades in the Ugitech portfolio are UGIGRIP® and UGI® 4062, 4362 und 4462. For the duplex steel UGIGRIP® 4062, Ugitech has also received the CARES certificate from the UK Certification Authority for Reinforcing Steels. This certificate of approval is recognized worldwide and confirms that the requirements of high quality for the construction industry are met. This includes the conformity to product quality and efficient process design – from steel manufacture to further processing and delivery to the customer.
This is guaranteed by Ugitech's state-of-the-art technologies and their decades of expertise in steel production. At their research institute, Ugitech continuously develops improved and new steel solutions. In doing so, the SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH subsidiary makes a major contribution to the international steel group's position as a technology leader: Approximately 20 percent of the annual turnover is achieved based on Ugitech product innovations. 

Photo 1:  Concrete pillars, source: Ugitech
Photo 2:  Spiral staircase, source: Ugitech
Photo 3:  Product photograph UGIGRIP®, source: Ugitech

About Ugitech S. A.
Ugitech, a SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group company, is one of the leading manufacturers of stainless steel long products in the world. Its main products: billets, bars, wire rod and drawn wire are manufactured in its own steelworks and transformed in its high-temperature rolling mill or at its wire-drawing plants. Stainless steels are characterized by their high mechanical properties. They are used to manufacture many different components, including valves, turbine components, welding rods or surgical instruments. With more than 100 years of experience in steel manufacturing and continuous research in the field of metallurgy, the company guarantees optimum solutions for highly demanding applications to customers in its markets such as the automotive, construction, process, aerospace and space industries, as well as medical technology.

The SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group is today one of the world’s leading providers of individual solutions in the special long steel products sector. The Group is one of the leading manufacturers of tool steel and non-corrosive long steel on the global market and one of the two largest companies in Europe for alloyed and high-alloyed constructional steel. With around 9,000 employees and in-house production and distribution companies in over 30 countries and on 5 continents, the company guarantees its customers a global supply and customer service, and offers them a complete production portfolio as well as sales and services around the world. They benefit from the company's technological expertise, the consistently high product quality around the world and detailed knowledge of local markets.

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