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Megatrends – sights set firmly on the future. Dramatically impacting all areas of life – globally and long term.

As an international company, our goal is to take advantage of the opportunities that megatrends offer and to benefit from their impact. Increasing quality requirements and growing demands represent for us a challenge to deliver first-class services.

Mobility, scarcity of resources, globalisation and urbanisation pose huge challenges to us as a leading supplier of special steel. If we hope to play an active role in shaping the future, we must rise to these challenges with intelligent solutions and products. Therefore we have to act today, because megatrends are economic and socio-cultural developments that bring about permanent change, but take a long time to come into effect.

Only with well thought-out and complete solutions can we respond to the economic, technological and even ecological questions around the world. Continuous research and development make us a reliable partner for your future. With new technologies and products, we work with you on important future developments on a long-term basis.

We inspire confidence with our core competence: providing special steel solutions.

Everything about steel: our innovation page

With its business units, the SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group is a pioneer in product innovations in the field of long steel and new technologies in steel production and tempering. You will find various topics at regular intervals on our innovation page.