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100% environmental responsibility through industrial production with long-lasting, recyclable steel: energy efficient and sustainable.

Our production activity has grown, as has our efficiency in using resources and energy. Our emissions, on the other hand, have dropped for the long term. We are therefore constantly and successfully contributing to protecting the environment.

Vast quantities of expensive energy and scarce resources are being used worldwide. The production of steel also requires a great deal of energy and materials. This is reason enough to use more resource-efficient production methods and offer lower-consumption products. Growing quality requirements and cost pressure ensure regular technological advancements in energy and material efficiency. Innovations in process and plant technology and energy-related process advancements are the results. At SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH, this efficiency is measurable: in our plants, we have been continuously reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions for many years.

For us, environmentally conscious industrial production not only affects our products but also leads to appropriate intelligent production methods and processes. Through ongoing innovation and the use of high-quality technologies, we are constantly improving our ecological footprint. SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH is increasing its resource efficiency with new and improved materials. Our innovative steel solutions make the production process more efficient and our intelligent, complete solutions achieve an enviable recycling rate: steel is a material with one of the longest life spans, and it is also recyclable. Our products are sustainable because steel scrap is used as the basic resource in production. This is real resource efficiency.

Lower energy and material consumption and fewer emissions for the long term: these are our corporate objectives. For us, this is a matter of mindset: we bear 100% responsibility for our environment. Therefore we act sustainably and retain a longterm outlook – for the success of our customers as well. We are proud of this.