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Mobility as a basic need - always and everywhere. Mobility is fundamentally changing the world. And modern meta-mobility offers the possibility to do everything everywhere and at any time. Comprehensive accessibility is therefore crucial.

This also has an effect on traditional mobility. Traffic will continue to increase. If it is to function smoothly and punctually, we need concepts that guarantee this. Mobility stands for the quick and easy overcoming of distances. But mobility also reveals a scarcity of resources and the demand for sustainability and reduction of CO2 emissions. The need to make mobility fit for the future is increasing, as is global mobility itself. Transport systems must be able to transport millions of people and goods while being environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

New and innovative mobility concepts are needed

In a global economy, mobility and presence are both a basic requirement and a challenge for SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH. That is why we always work closely with our customers worldwide.

Because mobility and its future design determine competitiveness and success in the global economy. New and innovative concepts are in demand here. The expansion of the transport infrastructure, the development of drive technologies and vehicle concepts bring with them new requirements.

To this end, we offer our customers special solutions. After all, technological innovation and exploiting the potential of steel are absolutely crucial for us. Products from SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH set standards. They already support the automotive and aviation industries all over the world today and contribute to intelligent complete solutions for tomorrow's global mobility.

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