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Welcome to the mega-cities:

Urbanisation challenging technology and innovative ability

The megatrend towards urbanisation means that the majority of people are living in cities. Cities are growing rapidly and turning into mega-cities. Spatial structures are changing, and economic systems are growing and demanding new technological and ecological answers.

The demand for functioning urban infrastructure is increasing, along with population growth and mobility. With growth in emerging countries, the standard of living for many people is improving, bringing with it noticeable economic advancement. A clearly discernible desire for a better quality of life in mega-cities is emerging.

How we support the development of megacities

The result of the forming of megacities is a continuous increase in the demand for high-quality products worldwide and a rise in quality and performance requirements. As a leading supplier of advanced steels, we are continuously expanding our presence, especially in growing regions. We offer our customers around the world integrated and intelligent solutions in steel as well as our expertise and services – always from a single source.

In addition to the established economies of Europe, North and Central America and Japan, new global economic powers are emerging in Brazil, China and India – the megacities of tomorrow. Multinational corporations are emerging here and demanding new global value chains.

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